Johannes Goebel introduces EMPAC

Thu, 01/21/2010 - 5:00pm
The Knoll, Classroom
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Guest Lecture

A presentation of one of the latest and very largest facilities dedicated to the intersection of human experience, human or machine action and the digital domain.

EMPAC is located at RPI, Troy, NY and online at

Johannes Goebel, EMPAC director (also long-standing CCRMA colleague) will introduce EMPAC  as architecture and technical instrument and he will talk about projects and research, events and productions. A new position of director for research is seeking applicants and he will describe the opportunity.

EMPAC opened in the fall of 2008 after 8 years in the making.  The 220,000 square foot facility is dedicated to “Experimental Media and Performing Arts”. The goal was to build a center for arts, science and engineering that respects fully the requirement of our human senses while providing a state-of the art infrastructure for that which communicates between the digital and experiential domains.

"The venues and studios are built to accommodate any group size between 2 and 1200 for artistic, immersive, augmented or whatever reality  you live in (even if you would like to fly through the physical three-dimensional space under real-time, interactive computer control or if you need to lift your truck up 50 feet controlled by you playing a flute)."

A scholar in residence program is starting, artist residencies are already in a quite dense sequence – and a director for research position waits to get filled.

Please find a brief description at

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