Adrian Freed Guest Lecture

Wed, 11/11/2009 - 10:00am
CCRMA classroom
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Guest Lecture

Adrian Freed was early to recognize the importance of temporal constraints in music systems, a theme throughout his work at CNMAT. He is author of MacMix a pioneering interactive sound editing, processing, and mixing system, commercialized by Studer-Editec. He  developed hard disk audio recording technology and audio post- production user interfaces at WaveFrame. He played a major role in the design and development of the Reson8, a multiprocessor digital signal processing system for music and audio applications. He is the architect of CNMAT's Additive Synthesis System (CAST) and is responsible for its UNIX implementation. He has developed the real-time scheduler used in CAST and novel signal processing algorithms for efficient sinusoidal signal synthesis, for which he holds a patent. He has made numerous contributions to the MAX programming language and more recently contributed new signal processing modules for Max/MSP and OSW. He has written and lectured on efficient use of the C and C++ programming languages for signal processing applications and was a featured speaker on the subject of integrating sound and computer graphics at SIGGRAPH 1996. As leader of CNMAT's Guitar Innovation Group (GIG), he has focussed on hardware and signal processing software to take advantage of separate processing of each string. His lifelong efforts to improve the guitar are documented in sfweekly.

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