*LOrk digression #9 — In case you were wondering

In case you were wondering, all these *LOrk digressions did not come out of nowhere. Many of them are reflections directly connected to my own great experience with SLOrk in the Spring of 2010, when my piece Intellectual Improperty 0.6 was composed and performed.

My own piece was one of those with motionless players. Several others in the same concert had a lot more gestural activity (like this one or, for a more extreme example, this one, which I might discuss in a future post).

When composing for a laptop orchestra for the first time, for every problem you think you have solved, three other problems arise. By “problems” I mean all sorts of little technical issues AND all sorts of big conceptual questions. That's part of the fun of it. That's the origin of these digressions, which I present here sometimes in a more raw, sometimes in a more cooked state.

I will continue to post *LOrk digressions in the future. I welcome any comments and suggestions.


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