The Simulation of Moving Sound Sources

TitleThe Simulation of Moving Sound Sources
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1971
AuthorsChowning, J.
JournalJournal of the Audio Engineering Society
PaginationJ. Audio Eng. Soc. 19 (1), 2–6.
Keywords4-channel, angular cue, distance cue, Doppler, localization, quad, spatialization, velocity cue
AbstractA digital computer was used to generate four channels of information which are recorded on a tape recorder. The com- puter program provides control over the apparent location and movement of a synthesized sound in an illusory acoustical space. The method controls the distribution and amplitude of direct and reverberant signals between the loudspeakers to provide the angular and distance information, and introduces a Doppler shift to enhance velocity information.
Alternate JournalReprinted in Computer Music Journal, Vol. 1, No. 3. (Jun., 1977), pp. 48-52. Reprinted in La Muslea Elettronica, Feltrinelli ed., Italy.
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