Openmixer: a routing mixer for multichannel studios

TitleOpenmixer: a routing mixer for multichannel studios
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsLopez-Lezcano, F., and J. Sadural
Conference NameLinux Audio Conference 2010
Date Published5/2010
Conference LocationUtrech, The Netherlands
AbstractThe Listening Room at CCRMA, Stanford University is a 3D studio with 16 speakers (4 hang
from the ceiling, 8 surround the listening area at ear level and 4 more are below an acoustically
transparent grid floor). We found that a standard commercial digital mixer was not the best interface
for using the studio. Digital mixers are complex, have an opaque interface and they are usually
geared towards mixdown to stereo instead of efficiently routing many input and output channels.
We have replaced the mixer with a dedicated computer running Openmixer, an open source
custom program designed to mix and route many input channels into the multichannel speaker array
available in the Listening Room. This paper will describe Openmixer, its motivations, current status
and future planned development.