On the Minimum-phase Nature of Head-Related Transfer Functions

TitleOn the Minimum-phase Nature of Head-Related Transfer Functions
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsNam, J., M. Kolar, and J. S. Abel
Conference Namethe 125th Audio Engineering Society Convention
Date Published10/2008
Conference LocationSan Francisco, CA, USA
Keywordsbinaural sound, HRTF, minimum-phase system
Abstract For binaural synthesis, head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) are commonly implemented as pure delays followed by minimum-phase systems. Here, the minimum-phase nature of HRTFs is studied. The cross-coherence between minimum-phase and unprocessed measured HRTFs was seen to be greater than 0.9 for a vast majority of the HRTFs, and was rarely below 0.8. Non-minimum-phase filter components resulting in reduced cross-coherence appeared in frontal and ipsilateral directions. The excess group delay indicates that these non-minimum-phase components are associated with regions of moderate HRTF energy. Other regions of excess phase correspond to high-frequency spectral nulls, and have little effect on cross-coherence.
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