Music and Games

Thu, 04/25/2013 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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From the low-bit crunch of early arcade cabinets to the epic glories of orchestral game scores, music has played an incredibly important role supporting the action and storylines of video games. Music and Games is a multi-media concert featuring an eclectic collection of musical game systems, where action and interaction in game worlds creates musical sound, and where music and sound from games is reworked and repositioned to take center stage. Featuring new works by Kurt James Werner, Spencer Salazar, Mark Cerqueira, Chris Platz, and Rob Hamilton.

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The Future of Fun 1983 (2006)
for laptop orchestra
by Scott Smallwood

ECHO::Canyon (2013)
by Rob Hamilton and Chris Platz

mor addelmet artimethe (2012)
by Kurt James Werner

ChucK ChucK Rocket (2006)
for laptop orchestra
by Ge Wang and Scott Smallwood

for saxophone and tape
by Samuel Burt
(Jeremy Wagner, saxophone)

GLG (2012)
by Kurt James Werner

On The Floor (2005)
by Scott Smallwood

GG Music (2013)
for Soundcraft/Starcraft 2
by Mark Cerqueira, Spencer Salazar and Ge Wang

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