Jean-Claude Risset - Concert and Talk

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 5:15pm - 7:15pm
CCRMA Stage and CCRMA Classroom
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Come see computer music pioneer Jean-Claude Risset at CCRMA in a combined Concert + Colloquium on March 30 at 5:15pm. Not to be missed!

The event starts at 5:15pm with a concert on the CCRMA Stage, and is immediately followed by a talk in the CCRMA Classroom:
Duo for one pianist (1989-1992): Doubles, Fractals, Echo, Narcisse, Mercure
Jean-Claude Risset, Disklavier Acoustic Piano
Nuit (2010): from the tape of Otro (L’autre), 8 channels tape
Voice on the tape: Nicholas Isherwood
Kaleidophone (2010), 16 channels tape
Up, Keyboards, Percussion I, Percussion II, Winds, Water, Fire, Chorus, Eole
Five Resonant Sound Spaces (2002), 8 channels tape

COLLOQUIUM (CCRMA Classroom, immediately following the concert)
- Sound Synthesis with Music IV and Music V (similar to Csound): the digital amplification of electronic music;
- The importance of perception: simulacra, illusions, composing the sound itself (Little Boy, Mutations, Songes);
- Sound Processing: digital "musique concrète" (Invisible, Sud, Resonant Sound Scapes, Kaleidophone);
- Mixed works (Dialogues, Voilements, Otro (L’autre) for bass singer and 8 tracks, premiered on february 17 in Stanford by Nicholas Isherwood);
- Real-time: Duet for one pianist. The pianist plays on an acoustic piano provided with sensors and motors (a Yamaha Disklavier): he dialogues with a “virtual” invisible partner providing an accompaniment which depends upon what the pianist plays and how he plays. Different types of relations between the pianist part and the accompaniment are programmed with the MAX software.
- Instrumental music: concerto for violin and orchestra, Schemes, written in 2007 for Mari Kimura.

WHAT: Jean-Claude Risset presents his music
WHEN: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 - 5:15pm
WHERE: CCRMA Stage (3rd floor)
660 Lomita Drive
Stanford, CA 94305
--Parking is free at Stanford after 4pm--
Open to the Public
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