CCRMA TeleConcert

Sat, 03/15/2014 - 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Bing Studio
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CCRMA presents an evening of Distributed Ensembles and New Music from around the world in real time

Live performances from Switzerland, France, Virginia, Newfoundland, Colombia/Brazil and Kansas City connect across the internet as performers around the globe Jack-in to Stanford's Bing Studio and play in real-time with their Stanford counterparts.  The evening will be presented using CCRMA's immersive 24.6 speaker system, surrounding the audience in a spectacularly clear sound field.

Featuring new works and performances by:

Joachim Badenhorst (saxophone)
Constantin Basica
Matthew Burtner (tenor saxophone)
Lilian Campesato (voice)
Victor Coltea (prepared electric guitar)
Zhao Cong (pipa)
Viv Corringham (voice)
Kevin Davis (cello)
Simona Fitcal (video)
Melanie Goldstein (cello)
Emily Graber (violin)
Julian Jararmillo (electric guitar)
Dohi Moon (piano)
Phillip Munck (cello)
Synthia Payne (voice and electronics)
Alain Renaud (guitar)
Juan Reyes (piano)
Zhengshan Shi (accordian, piano)
Ted King-Smith (alto/bari saxophone)
Monte Taylor (electric guitar)
Ellen Waterman (flute)

** Admission is FREE but tickets are required and can be picked up at the Bing lobby ticket counter before the performance.

Live Stream:  
Follow this concert live online at


Parking for Bing Concert Hall can be found in the new Galvez Lot (enter at Campus Drive and Lasuen Street) and on Lasuen Street, Museum Way, Roth Way and The Oval. In high-demand situations, parking farther afield can be found in Parking Structure 1, located at Campus Drive West and Roth Way; or in Parking Structure 7, beneath the Knight Management Center on Campus Drive near Serra Street.

The Bing studio can be found on the lower floor of the building and can be accessed either by elevator (just past the ticket counter) or by going down the main staircase and turning left.
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