CCRMA Modulations 2014

Sat, 04/05/2014 - 4:00pm - 11:00pm
The Knoll Courtyard
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Featuring: Mark Fell (UK) [10p], equilet (CNMAT, Oakland) [9:15], Reza Ali (SF, visuals) [7:30-10p] + CCRMA Artists

CCRMA Modulations is an annual one-night presentation of Electronic Music in San Francisco (this year at the Center). The goals of Modulations are to provide a venue for the CCRMA community to express the creative potential of the sound and music technologies we research and develop, to explore the boundaries between academic and popular electronic musics, and to integrate our efforts with the wider community.

More info and set times:

CCRMA Artists [approximate times]:
Dotter [8:50]
Kurt James Werner: [8:25]
Merkbar: [8p]
Locky Casey: and Jennifer Hsu: [7:35]
Constantin Basica: [7:15]
recurse [6:50]
Mountains in Space: Luke Dahl: & Colin Sullivan: [6:05]
Arswain: [5:50]
Perihelion [5p]
Bruno Ruviaro: and Juan-Pablo Caceres:  [4:35]
Alex Chechile: [4:10]
Hana Shin: [4p]

thealphanerd: [DJ set after 11p]

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