CCRMA Fall Concert - a Cagean Musicircus

Thu, 11/18/2010 - 8:00pm - 9:30pm
All throughout the Knoll
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Please join us for an evening of musical performances and sound installations at CCRMA. The concert will feature works of all types staged throughout the building in the character of a John Cage Musicircus. The audience will be encouraged to amble through the building with refreshments in hand and enjoy the many colors of CCRMA musicianship.

As part of the festivities, the Stanford Mobile Phone Orchestra (MoPhO) will offer a pre-musicircus show at 7pm on the CCRMA stage (for more info on audience participation for the MoPhO event, check out this link: Then, from 8pm onward, the Musicircus starts: continuous music from various locations in the Knoll — come and go when you like!

On the menu: live-electronics, analog synths, beat-oriented live sets, sound installations, iPads, iPhones, elevator music, broken pianos, video and tape pieces... come check it out!

from Wikipedia:
Musicircus (1967) simply invites the performers to assemble and play together. The first Musicircus featured multiple performers and groups in a large space who were all to commence and stop playing at two particular time periods, with instructions on when to play individually or in groups within these two periods. The result was a mass superimposition of many different musics on top of one another as determined by chance distribution, producing an event with a specifically theatric feel.


Musicircus history at Stanford 1992:
In January 1992, seven months before this death, John Cage delivered a lecture at Stanford University with the enigmatic title "Overpopulation and Art." (...) "In the following pages I want to discuss the Circus aesthetic as Cage has elaborated it, with special reference to the Musicircus staged at Stanford on January 29, 1992. [continue reading Charles Junkerman's article here]

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