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Generalized Digital Waveguide Networks

Davide Rocchesso, Julius O. Smith III [*]


Digital waveguides are generalized to the multivariable case with the goal of maximizing generality while retaining robust numerical properties and simplicity of realization. Multivariable complex power is defined, and conditions for ``medium passivity'' are presented. Multivariable complex wave impedances, such as those deriving from multivariable lossy waveguides, are used to construct scattering junctions which yield frequency dependent scattering coefficients which can be implemented in practice using digital filters. The general form for the scattering matrix at a junction of multivariable waveguides is derived. An efficient class of loss-modeling filters is derived, including a rule for checking validity of the small-loss assumption. An example application in musical acoustics is given.

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``Generalized Digital Waveguide Networks'', by Julius O. Smith III and Davide Rocchesso, preprint submitted for publication, Summer 2001.
Copyright © 2008-03-12 by Julius O. Smith III and Davide Rocchesso
Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA),   Stanford University
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