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When it comes to my real work, i.e. music composition; at the moment I'm working on something resembling a suite of jazz music — as usual it's about signal processing in music composition (computer music), so it's no quickie.  Click on the music symbol to the left for more info.

I recently built a film/video rig, using mostly 35mm film equipment (including a unique old German anamorphic lens).  To promote this (quite narrow) avant-garde type of film making, I started a production company — FastMotionFilms.com   Click on the clapper for more info.

I'm also working on some screenplays (no swift turnaround here either... although this takes most of my time nowadays).  To read about it or look at some storyboard examples and photos which are one part of it, click on the blue spiral.

Click on the camera image to look at my photo-work (fashion shoot, etc.).

If you're interested to see some of my web-site work, click on the www bottom. 

Click on the typewriter image to read some of my published prosaic blab.