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This Stuff page contains four different entries.  From this page you can contact me personally.  The quickest way to get your message to me is to send it as Email since those are also forwarded to my cellphone instantly. 

Included here is a Billiards & Pool page since I've again picked up this silly sport... and again let it consume my life.  So far, there are three sub-pages — one about my cues, the other two about pool schools that I've attended.

Here is also a Hall of Fame page which contains some dead men who had a severe influence on me and who's work can be blamed for some of my decisions in my early professional life — one of those is a writer/philosopher, the other is a composer/philosopher, the third a political theorist/philosopher, next to him is a superior instrumentalist/swinger, and then we have a composer/revolutionist, and the last one is a film-maker/altruist — click on the six-legged flaming dog to the right to check them out.  Later I'll add a page of people who are still alive, guys like Georg Johannesen, female author Arundhati Roy and their ilk.

There is also an entry into my Personal page.  To access this page, you need to be registered and given a password.

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