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Here are some of my business web-sites that I've done.  Later I'll upload a more complete list, including the personal and NGO sites that I've done. 

I usually build all the web-sites from scratch, including original graphics (logos, photos, buttons, etc.), plus original html & Java script — all this to create a consistent, unique and clean look to the entire site, (I detest those tacky websites that are created from generic PHP templets). 

My idea of a good web-site is when it feels small, easy to overview, and of course looks classy.  For instance, the site I made for Nichols Manufacturing feels like an average sized site even though it includes 90 pages, and my private site (the one you're visiting now) consist of more than 150 pages... 

Click on the logos to the right to access.

Guri Berg
Shoreline Billiards
Nichols Manufacturing
Particle Fever
Nordic Motors