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To the right you'll find (in no particular order) eight articles from my published prosaic writing:  The first was written for the Stanford Daily and regards the relation between the First Amendment and the Presidential Debate-commission, campaign finance reform and reelection of House incumbents.  The second article is about Bill Clinton's sex scandal — the political and "moral" situation that followed it at the Capitol.  The third, published last year by Stanford Daily, is about the news media and the effect greed has on the social cooperation.  It also relates to the circumstantial nature of justice.  The fourth article is a critical book review I wrote of Randall Stross' book about computer wiz Steve Jobs.  The fifth article, a review written for Computer Music Journal, concerns the ever more popular and rampant perceptions of music and art - as well as being a swipe at its anachronistic art-critics.  The last one, which is not yet published, is about how the body stores fat and how it gets rid of it — information the so-called health industry has been reluctant to disclose due to its ever-growing economic stake in such health problem.  I've also added a review I wrote about Michael Moore's feature documentary "Bowling For Columbine".  The eight article is the most recent one which was published by the University Press around the country; an editorial about the world's hatred for the US. 

At the bottom I have a link to a document not written by myself but by the distinguished female writer Arundhati Roy.  Since this is the most powerful article I've ever read, I wish as many as possible would read it.

    1.     Campaign Reform and Freedom of Speech

    2.     The Penile Impaired and the Promiscuous

    3.     Just Do It -- Do What ?!

    4.     Steve Jobs and the NeXT Big Thing

    5.     Algorithmic Music Composition

    6.     The Catch-22 of Losing Fat

    7.     Must see Movie

    8.     Why They Hate Us

    9.    Arundhati Roy