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The following article regards President Clinton and the  
political situation at the Capitol.  It's a comment  
about the Congress and the news media's 
most recent genital fixation.

-- peer


In contrast to people in the Congress and most so-called Christians, I believe morality is something which is also positioned above the waistline.

In most any social cooperation, discrepancy between promises and deeds will cause some form of reprehension.  However, the sheer depravity of todays politics hinder any such motion since it would directly jeopardize the career of today's politicians.  The inbreeding of this country's politics (which essentially are built upon prospective business opportunities) has created a separation between the elected and the elector -- consequently few people outside Washington can see the difference between the donkey and the elephant.  In this flat political landscape the only way left for the representatives to distinguish themselves from their opponents seems to be for the penile impaired to attack the promiscuous.

This puerile White House "sex-scandal" wouldn't exist if it hasn't been for those penile-obsessed aging men who insist that Mr. Clinton should be held to a higher standard of morality than the people who elected him.  If they had only acted upon their own moral criteria, we might seen some legislation done in congress instead of this "Macarthy-ism" in sexual demeanor.

In essence, it's now the House Representatives who fuels the news media to obscure their own incompetence.  Just like the most crude defense lawyer, those Representatives bluntly unveil their calculated strategy as they keep this scandal alive.  In order to serve their personal interest for the upcoming election, every available tool is used which can distract the public from further discovering their inability to work on real issues and legislation.  Of course, the most efficient tool of them all -- the news media -- is thoroughly massaged with leaks, inside information, and staged press conferences.

Who is more an embarrassment for the country; a President with his pants down to his ankles, or those Democrats who have their terms up for re-election, jumping ship by denouncing their leader's sex life?

By criticizing the President's private life, it's quite convenient that those Representatives, along with the Christian coalition and its moral pietists, predominately men, are trying to use this hype/scandal for their own cleansing to tell the world that they are "so much better a person", etc.  Fortunately, recently published surveys show that the female portion of the population is slightly more forgiving and/or would prefer to pay attention to real issues rather than hearing about someone having oral sex.  This, of course, excepting the few Democratic Senators who choose to be part of those beefy calves mentioned in the adage who would pick their own butcher.  The upcoming election will show.

Whom, if not the one who deceives their constituency, should be questioned in front of a grand jury? Anyone who perjures themselves with deceptive election promises should be held responsible to the consequences of not upholding them.  Those greedy, mainly rich, lawyers-turned-politicians are supposed to represent the average person in this country -- constituting working people who struggle to make ends meet on a yearly average income below $25k.

Some might take pity in this demeaned political game at the Capitol, but the majority of the people in this country are initially impaired when it comes to this type of politics -- and understandably so.  Unfortunately such an apathy serves this already conceited culture too well.  The US culture is now almost self sufficient as its leaders (mostly lawyers) make sure the gross population won't get a sufficient education to actually learn to understand and relate to the huge discrepancy of wealth they are subjected to, much less generate an ability to threaten its politics.  The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the jackpot of fortune is to hold office on Capitol Hill. 

It makes perfect sense that Clinton's political opponents take the opportunity to put as many sticks in the wheel as possible.  However, only if those road blocks were legitimate issues would it be justified to remove him (or anyone) from office -- lies about a kinky sex-life simply won't do.  Being a foreigner myself, I wouldn't mind seeing Mr. Clinton step on a land-mine -- one of those vicious mines children every day are blown in pieces by -- the same mines Clinton last year refused to sign a ban on (even when being up against the entire international community).  But until then, the American people can sit back and let the farce up on the Hill take its toll, as the rest of the world laughs at you.

Peer Landa
Stanford University