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My Web Update:

I just founded a Grassroot Party — www.GrassRootParty.com

I started FastMotionFilms.com, a production company for avant-garde film making.

An old photo of me working on my dissertation.

Here are some silly outtakes from a recent corporate film-gig.

Here's a video I just shot with my snazzy new camera.

I added some pool & billiards pages about my cues and training.

Here's a website I made for a movie that I'm currently working on.

Pictures of me and my new Porsche puppy and some milk.

My latest photo-shoot of an animator at Lucas Films.

Photos and specifications of the modifications done to my Roadster.

Video clips of my kooky artist friends rehearsing & performing my music.

Pictures from an ad campaign with me, my Roadster and a tomato.

Why the World hates US is uploaded to my Writings page.

Pictures of the wild wild Norwegian nature are added to the Norway page.

Photos and a rant about my lovely parents are added to the Norway page.

New photos of me and my Italian girlfriend.

The most powerful article I've ever read Arundhati Roy's "Not Again".

A short review of Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine.

Two more "heros from my youth" are uploaded on my Stuff page.

A sound-file from my diabolic jazz is finally uploaded.

A recent Time Magazine article is added; "So, this is heaven: Norway".

A fashion shoot of my ex girlfriend is added to my photography page.

Pages with storyboards for a screenplay are available at my Work page. . . . . . . . . . . . . .