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"La vita e come una Ducati — Veloce, Sensuale e Imprevedibile"

This photo was taken outside Alice's Restaurant (Northern California).  I think they said something about a nationwide milk ad-campaign which would bring me much fortune, supermodels, etc.  Unfortunately, I had to turn their offer down; I recently heard that cow-milk isn't healthy after all.  (For more pictures of me and the bike, click on the Pose image.)

Well, it might be a disease, and while friends and family all thought I had grown out of it, I evidently had a relapse...  I now openly admit that I often, in the middle of the night, walk out to the garage just to look at her — this moto-bike always makes me smile.  No other belonging has given me this feeling... (well, except for some Adidas sneakers I once got as a kid which I kept on my feet for an entire week — but that's obviously a different story altogether).

What fascinates about a Ducati isn't just its voluptuous design and superior handling on a race-track, but moreover the idea to provide the public with a motorcycle, which essentially is a crippled race-bike — a bike which can easily be converted back to its original race performance with just a few mods.  If you'd like to compare my old bike to my new project bike and the work I've done to it — click on the Gear image below.  The following links show my favorite line of Ducatis, including a homemade Monster, the Supermono, the new GP bike, and a homemade 748/890.  Click on the Racing image below to see how the world's best racers ride their bikes.  Click here if you wanna see my Roadster puppy...