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My Real Work

My focus on developing new directions in composition no doubt explains what seems to many the abstract and unworldly character of this kind of music.  However, I do not apologize for that.

For quite some time now, my pet project has been a series of jazz pieces.  As I've been bogged down with this music for years, it's kind of ironic that the initial portions of those pieces came about as a fluke while debugging my old DSP programs.  Instead of using soundfiles as the input I decided to try feeding the programs some note-lists, then transcribing the output into traditional notation, arranged for a virtual eight-piece jazz band.

As pretty much always, my purpose is to develop new directions in music composition.  In this case, music too intricate for any human to play, but made to sound as if it indeed were performed on traditional instruments by real musicians — a jazz-band playing the most complex syncopated swing as if it were their standard repertoire.  Recognizable, yet so unfamiliar.

If you want a taste of how convoluted those rhythms are, click on the music symbol to the right and you'll hear a short bare-bones transcription for solo piano.  This snippet is the foundation for one of the pieces I'm currently arranging for the eight-instrument band.  (See if you can figure out any of the meter-beats for this bastard ;-)

"Funk Off"
-- -- for piano