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MD Circuit Elements

Beginning from the perspective of the one-port circuit elements described in the last chapter, it is not difficult to see how such elements can be generalized to a multidimensional setting. Consider again the inductance and its WD one-port equivalent, shown in Figure 3.4.

Figure 3.4: Inductor and its wave digital one-port.
% graphpaper(0,0)(210,90) ...
...130,30){\small {$R\! =\! \frac{2L}{T}$}}
\end{picture} \end{center} \end{figure}

The voltage across the inductor is integrated and scaled by a factor $ 1/L$ to yield a current. The fact that the signal flow graph for the WD one-port equivalent is causal indicates that the inductor one-port is associated with the forward time direction. In the multidimensional case, the concepts of a direction associated with a circuit element and causality become crucial.


Stefan Bilbao 2002-01-22