My research interests revolve around sound synthesis, virtual acoustics, and spatial audio. I wrote my master's thesis on Iannis Xenakis's use of spatialization in his music. While at Stanford, I've been on techniques for recording and performing in virtual acoustic spaces, techniques for signal decorrelation, and a variety of sound synthesis algorithms.

Spatial Audio

An Update on the Development of Openmixer
with Fernando Lopez-Lezcano
Signal Decorrelation using Perceptually Informed Allpass Filters
with Jonathan S. Abel
A Virtual Acousmonium for Transparent Speaker Systems
Recording in a Virtual Acoustic Environment
with Jonathan S. Abel

Sound Synthesis

Illustrating Trends in Nitrogen Oxides Across the United States using Sonification
with Joshuah L. Laughner
Modal Audio Effects: A Carillon Case Study


Spatialization in Selected Works of Iannis Xenakis

Other Signal Processing

On Restoring Prematurely Truncated Sine Sweep Room Impulse Response Measurements
with Jonathan S. Abel
A Comparison of Real-Time Pitch Detection Algorithms in SuperCollider

Other Assorted

Xenakis Synth: a Graphical Compositional Tool
Guess Chords: a Collaborative iPhone Chord Guessing Game
Accordion: a Motion Sensitive Accordion for the iPhone
Budget Decca Tree and Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Shootout