About Me

images/pic01.jp Hi! My name is Elena. I am a PhD student and researcher at New York University's Music and Audio Research Lab (MARL). Before joining MARL, I taught sound recording and managed the recording studio at Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), where I completed my M.A. degree in 2019. I work on research projects related to music information retrieval, sound recording, and vocal expression. So far, I have presented my work at the annual ISMIR and ICML conferences, at Stanford and Berkeley, as well as at several tech companies. I also hold a Bachelor of Science degree from UCLA in Cognitive Science.

As a musician, I perform with several Bay Area vocal groups and am working with composer Dr. Anne Hege and Dr. Ge Wang on "The Furies," a new opera to be performed with the Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk). I am also a recording engineer/producer, specializing in vocal music. I record many of the a cappella groups at Stanford and run live sound for shows. My work has been nominated for several awards by the Contemporary A Cappella Society.

I am currently seeking an audio research internship for summer 2021. Please feel free to reach out if you know of any opportunities that may be a fit, thank you!

Loops: Beatboxing, Vocals, and Visuals

Loops - CCRMA Stage, January 2020

A live looping beatboxing and vocal performance, accompanied by visuals. Performed at Stanford CCRMA for ArtX Stanford's New Dimensionality Showcase, January 2020. Check out the visualizer I built! 4 Seasons: A Music Visualizer.

"The Furies: A Laptopera"

The Furies: A Laptopera - Bing Concert Hall, June 2019

"The Furies: A Laptopera" is a new original opera for performance with a laptop orchestra, all written by Dr. Anne Hege. I built the instruments for this work and performed vocals along with Camille Noufi. This is an excerpt, the full opera is coming in Spring 2020!

"Music Visualizer"

Music Visualizer - A Demo, November 2018

A music visualizer I built for my Music, Computing, and Design course with Ge Wang at Stanford.


October 2020

I presented a late-breaking demo paper at this year's ISMIR conference. I also helped organize the event as co-sponsorship chair. Check it out!

July 2020

I presented my work on hit song prediction with machine learning at the ICML media discovery workshop. Check it out!

January 2020

I performed at ArtX Stanford's New Dimensionality Showcase. Check it out!

December 2019

Check out my music 192 students' work on our Stanford Studio Soundcloud.

October 2019

I had the opportunity to attend two conferences this fall. I presented my HitPrediction research at UC Berkeley CNMAT's BCMR conference , and had the opportunity to perform at the BrainMind Summit hosted at Stanford.

October 2019

My first ambisonics composition titled "Exhale" premiered at the CCRMA 2019 Transitions concert. It is an all-vocal piece co-composed with Jeremy Raven. Check it out under 'music'.

September 2019

My a cappella group Stanford Counterpoint released our album "Close To Home." I sing on the album and did a lot of the arranging and recording/production for this project. Enjoy! Listen on YouTube.