4 Seasons

Here is my first homework submission for Stanford Music 256a, created in October 2018.

This assignment is a spectrogram visualization of a narrative composition I wrote in Chuck. You can see the time domain visualizaton along the bottom of the screen, and the frequency domain errupting like a firework in the center of the screen. This audio-visual composition takes listeners through the four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Enjoy this video and screenshots of my visualization of the four seasons.
If you would like to try it out yourself on your Mac, here are some installation instructions:

Zip File Here!

1. Download the zip file, unzip it.
2. Go to Terminal (search for it in spotlight) and type cd space, and drag in the folder "SoundPeek"
3. Type "make osx" (without the quotes) to build
4. Type "./SoundPeek" to open the file
5. Enjoy! :)

fall.png fall.png
fall.png fall.png