I am primarily a singer, vocal percussionist, and music technologist. I enjoy working with vocals or computers (often at the same time!) to create fun and engaging pieces of music.

Live Looping: "One Kiss" (2020)

Using my RC-505 loop-station to cover “One Kiss,” originally by Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa. Enjoy!

Contemporary A Cappella Music

I have been involved in the a cappella world for more than 10 years as a singer, beatboxer, music director, arranger, and recording/mixing engineer.

  • I have a few arrangements for sale on sheetmusicplus.
  • I offer recording and mixing services. I have recorded several albums, a few of which have been nominated for CARA recording awards. Learn more about my audio engineering work.
  • I offer coaching and arrangement editing for competitions and major performances; I have judged competitions including the ICCA and worked with professional groups.

Counterpoint: "Close To Home" (2019)

I produced the album "Close To Home" for my a cappella group at Stanford. I sing and beatbox on the album and did a lot of the arranging and recording/production. Enjoy!

FLARE: "Hallucinate" (2021)

Remote collaboration to create this cover of "Hallucinate," originally by Dua Lipa. I contributed the arrangement and the mix. Enjoy!

Computer Music: "Beatboxing Machine" (Bing Concert Hall, 2018)

"Beatboxing Machine" is a piece I composed for the Stanford Laptop Orchestra(SLOrk). In the piece, human vocal percussion sounds are reimagined as a laptop orchestra drum machine. Performed by 12 humans, 12 machines, and 12 subwoofers, this piece is beatboxing like you've never quite heard before. I am a vocal percussionist and personally recorded all the percussion sounds you hear in this piece.

3D Audio: "Exhale" (Composition for Ambisonics, 2019)

Exhale is a all-vocal piece by Elena Georgieva and Jeremy Raven that explores the range and power of the human voice. The piece features a variety of vocal sounds and textures, all performed by Georgieva and Raven and recorded in the CCRMA studio. The piece was composed to be played in 3rd order ambisonics format ("3D Sound"). This is a binaural render for headphones.


Feeding Rumors

Stanford CCRMA Stage, April 2018

This piece, titled "Feeding Rumors," depicts two performers having an argument. Both performer's voices echo through an Ensemble Feedback Network, created by Matt Wright. Performed with Kimberly Juarez-Rico.


A Cappella Ambisonics

Stanford CCRMA Stage, December 2017

My final project for a class on computer-generated sound. I musically arranged and recorded the Beatles' song "Strawberry Fields Forever" and mixed it in 4 channels using ChucK. This project celebrates the 50th anniversary of the song, originally released in 1967.

Some music groups I've performed with so far: