Large Ensemble

Chicken and Grits (2015), for Jazz band (9:00)
Score (PDF) | Video (YouTube)

Alan Weinstein, electric cello
Annie Stevens, marimba
Virginia Tech Jazz Ensemble
Jason Crafton, director

Nicolo, Jimi, and John (2011, 2012, 2013), for amplified viola, computer, and orchestra
Score (PDF)

Brett Deubner, viola
Missoula Symphony Orchestra
Darko Butorac, conductor
Charles Nichols, computer

Unimagined Bridges (2011), for band, choir, handbells, and computer
Score (PDF) | Video (YouTube)

Blacksburg High School Band
Darrell Pearman, director
Blacksburg Middle School Choir
Charlotte McKee, director
Charles Nichols, computer

Computer Music

Epimetheus Gift (2015), for amplified bassoon and computer (6:30)
Part (PDF) | Video (YouTube) | Video (YouTube)

Steve Vacchi, bassoon

At the Boundary (2014), for string quartet and computer (10:50)
Score (PDF) | Video (YouTube)

FLUX Quartet:
Tom Chiu, violin
Conrad Harris, violin
Max Mandel, viola
Felix Fan, cello
Charles Nichols, computer

Il Prete Rosso (2014), for amplified violin, motion sensor, and computer (6:05)
Score (PDF) | Video (YouTube) | Video (YouTube)

Sarah Plum, violin
Charles Nichols, computer

Multiplication of Machines (2010), for flute, clarinet doubling bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and computer
Score (PDF)

Third Angle Ensemble
Darragh Morgan, violin

Chamber Music

What we think of, when we think about ourselves, is a story. (2016), for solo piano (7:00)
Score (PDF) | Video (YouTube)

Richard Masters, piano

Commencement Address (2014), for double brass quintet (5:15)
Score (PDF)

Virginia Tech Brass Ensemble
Jay Crone, director

Montana Dance Suite, for clarinet, violin, and piano (12:05)
Score (PDF)

Phillip Paglialonga, clarinet
Nicole Paglialonga, violin
Tracy Cowden, piano

Fixed Media

This Edge (2013), for computer music and video (5:00)
Video (YouTube)

Joan Grossman, video

Sound of Rivers: Stone Drum (2013), for computer music and video (5:00)
Video (YouTube)

Nicole Bradley Browning, choreography
Amber Bushnell, animation and video processing
Mark Gibbons, poetry and narration
Allison Herther, dance
Charles Nichols, electric violin and computer music

Playground (2009), for computer music and video
Video (YouTube)

Amber Bushnell and Charles Raffety, video

Current Threat Level (2008), for computer music and video
Video (YouTube)

Headwaters Dance Company

Structured Improvisations

Satisfaction Guaranteed (2014), structured improvisation for amplified tap dancer, motion capture system, and laptop ensemble

Ann Kilkelly, tap dancer
Linux Laptop Orchestra
Ivica Ico Bukvic, director

No Title for Cacophony (2011), structured improvisation for iPhones, Wii controllers, and computer

Jon Bash
Kramer Elwell
Todd Smith
J. Alan Strasheim
Jake Whitecar