Under the Shadow of This Red Rock (2016)
Audio & Purchase (Bandcamp)

Jay Bruns, drums and electronics
Clark Grant, acoustic and electric guitars
Charles Nichols, electric violin, bass guitar, and laptop
Ben Weiss, keyboards and vocals

on The Moruvians (2016) by Lazertüth
Audio & Purchase (Bandcamp)

Jay Bruns, iPads and electronics
Patrick Christenson, saxophone
Clark Grant, electric guitar
Charles Nichols, electric violin and bass guitar
Solomon Nichols, drums
Ben Weiss, keyboards


Una Serata in Sirikata: In C (2009), for telematic violin, electric violin, celletto, and piano, accompanying virtual reality
Video (YouTube)

Missoula, MT:
Charles Nichols, electric violin
Chris Chafe, celletto

Stanford, CA:
Debra Fong, violin

Milan, Italy:
Chryssie Nanou, piano

Loose Minds in a Box (2005), for telematic electric violin, percussion, and computer music, accompanying motion capture dancing, acting, performance art, animation, and virtual reality
Program (PDF)

Missoula, MT:
Charles Nichols, electric violin and computer music

Fairbanks, AK:
Scott Deal, percussion

Indianapolis, IN:
Joe Hayes, motion capture dance


Kimono Layers (2013), for electric violin and video of performance art (3:30)
Video (YouTube)

Marie Yoho Dorsey, performance art
Charles Nichols, electric violin

Sound of Rivers: Stone Drum (2013), for electric violin, sonified data, and computer music, accompanying narrated poetry, dance, animation, and processed video (5:00)
Video (YouTube)

Nicole Bradley Browning, choreography
Amber Bushnell, animation and video processing
Mark Gibbons, poetry
Allison Herther, dance
Stephen Kalm, narration
Charles Nichols, electric violin and computer music

Gestures (1990), for solo violin

Charles Nichols, violin