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Installing LaTeX2HTML

You should already have latex and bibtex installed on your system. You may also have latex2html installed (normally in /usr/bin on Unix machines). However, there are at least five bugs in the latest release of LaTeX2HTML that I have found it necessary to fix. My own ``forklet'' of LaTeX2HTML that either fixes or gets around these bugs is available at GitHub:

This variant consists of simplest fixes and workarounds to known bugs in version 2002.2.1-6 of LaTeX2HTML, where the '-6' refers to the version containing patches for the Red Hat Fedora Core 6 release. (Hopefully the Red Hat patches are beneficial for all platforms.)

If you can't install your own version of \l2hsp for any reason, continue on to the following subsections, where some alternatives are suggested (and the bugs described in more detail). Otherwise, install my ``l2h forklet'' and skip to the next section, ``Installing and Compiling the webpubdemo Directory''.

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