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Why Fork the LaTeX2HTML Distribution?

I have reported all of the above-cited bugs to the official mailing list, to some individuals, and to various bugzilla bug reports, but they were never incorporated into an official ``upstream'' release. Also, there didn't appear to be any new releases since 2002, and even that one seemed to be an unofficial personal version. The original CVS repository trunk appears to have disappeared. Since I had a funded research project that depended on all team members having a working version of latex2html, I decided to create the above version and post it on my website in 2006. There is now a 2008 version which I have not tried because I have no problems that warrant trying to upgrade. More interestingly, Paulo Ney de Souza has released a new version in 2017 that should contain all my bugfixes (as we corresponded and he knew about my fork):

Installing and trying out this one is high on my list of priorities!

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