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Here are the main features of the make files and latex2html init-file described in this article:

  1. All documents are unified under a single set of LATEX format settings (which are easily overridden in individual documents).

  2. Several documents may be compiled and/or installed at once.

  3. HTML and PDF versions of each document are generated automatically from one LATEX source.

  4. Every generated HTML page (optionally) has a link inviting the reader to download the current document in PDF format.

  5. If the document is part of a larger work, such as a book, a configuration variable can be set in the document's .l2h file which causes a link to the larger work to be added at the bottom of each HTML page. (The document's .l2h file supplements and overrides the more global .latex2html-init file.

  6. A full bibliographic citation is included in the footer of each page in all formats.

  7. A copyright notice, name, address, etc., are generated at the bottom of each HTML page.

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