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This note describes software tools for publishing on the Web in HTML and PDF formats, from LaTeX source. As an example, the website (including this document you are reading) was generated from source using a single ``make'' command in the source root directory. These tools evolved on Red Hat Linux distributions since 1999, and they should work equally well on any Linux or UNIX system including LATEX, BibTEX, and latex2html. They should also work, with minor adaptations, under Windows, e.g., using the CygWin port of the GNU tools.

Tools used here include

  1. LATEX, TEX, and BibTEX-- for processing the document source, including

    On a Red Hat Linux system, in particular, all of the above and more are contained within the following software packages: For example, the command ``yum install tetex-latex'' will install the first four of the above packages, if they are not already installed.

  2. latex2html -- for generating HTML versions. Installation of latex2html is described in §3 below.

  3. ~/.latex2html-init -- a custom initialization file provided herein.
  4. A Makefile collection for compiling and installing documents in HTML and PDF formats (also provided herein).

Regarding PDF format generation, note that it is possible to compile LATEX directly into PDF using pdflatex, which is included in the tetex-latex distribution. However, at the time of this writing, PostScript figures are not supported by pdflatex. Since the author uses PostScript figures extensively, this option will not be discussed further (although it is possible to convert one's PostScript figures to PDF figures and proceed with pdflatex).1

I will henceforth assume the reader is familiar with the use of LATEX, BibTEX (optionally), and latex2html, since those are documented elsewhere [4,1,2,3]. Therefore, this article will focus mainly on simple working examples, the Makefiles, and the custom .latex2html-init file.

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``Tools for Publishing LaTeX Documents on the Web'', by Julius O. Smith III.
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