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A FOSS4.18 reverberator that combines elements of Schroeder (§3.5) and FDN reverberators (§3.7) is zita-rev1,4.19written in C++ for Linux systems by Fons Adriaensen. A Faust version of the zita-rev1 stereo-mode functionality is zita_rev1 in Faust's effect.lib. A high-level block diagram appears in Fig.3.14.

Figure 3.14: High-level block diagram of zita_rev1_engine() in Faust's effect.lib generated by the shell script faust2firefox.

The main high-level addition relative to an 8th-order FDN reverberator is the block labeled allpass_combs in Fig.3.14. This block inserts a Schroeder allpass comb filter (Fig.2.30) in series with each delay line. In zita-rev1 (as of this writing), the allpass-comb feedforward/feedback coefficients are all set to $ \pm 0.6$ . The delay-line lengths and other details are readily found in the freely available source code (or by browsing the Faust-generated block diagram).

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