I have been playing music since the first grade when my parents got me a violin. After several years, my interests had shifted more towards the guitar. In addition to playing the guitar, I also play the electric bass and the piano. Usually, if the instrument has strings I can figure out how to play it fairly quickly. I have been producing my own music for about seven years, now. My earliest production projects were for my high school bands, The Mondays and Aaardvark. As a college student, I can't get out to play like I used to, so I mainly work on my solo project, The Alpha Channel, for which I finally have a full length album done! When I visit my home town, I like to meet up with my good pals and record with Planes or Squirrel Man & his Jam Band. Be sure to check out the little menu above to give my stuff a listen.
The guitar I am playing on the right was put together by me and my good friend Tony Janflone from some parts we found in his basement. We also put together the Timebomb Heart guitar from an old First Act guitar. This guitar is also featured in the Projects section of this site.

Acoustic Performance - The Tapper

This is a rough take of a song that was later recorded with Planes. The fun part starts around 2:20.

Wake Up!

This is a project I worked on in my Electronic Music class. I found the video on YouTube, I did not make it. I did, however, do the music. I think it's kind of fun.