I was a music technology student at the Stanford University (now I'm just a guy with an out of date webpage). Among my technical interests are circuit design, robotics, and image/signals processing. I am always working on projects that incorporate music in some way or another. To me, engineering is not just about making things work, but making them work in a way that is beautiful. This is overlooked so often in the classroom that I am left with quite a bit of skepticism concerning the purpose of a decent chunk of my engineering curriculum. Art and music have more of a place in engineering than many seem to be willing to admit. I guess that is what free time is for--finding a way to make it all work together.
The content in the Research & Work section details some of my more professional work of the last few years. I have done research for the University of Pittsburgh Chemical Engineering department and some application development with Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute. I was a member of the 2012 Lunar and Planetary Science Academy at Goddard Space Flight Center where I worked on an analog filter for the fluxgate magnetometers aboard Solar Probe Plus and a command parser for Juno. I am also co-founder of an on-campus service group at Pitt dedicated to exposing children in underprivledged public schools to the fields of Mathematics, Science and Technology.