Planes is an instrumental rock group formed by August Capiola on drums, Martin O'Brien on the bass guitar, and ne on the guitar. One day in 2009, August and I decided to make some music. Martin happened to both overhear this conversation and own a bass and thus Planes was born. Playing the role of the performance artist under the informal title, "The Secretary of Education" is the one and only Robert McMahon. Instead of practicing for shows, we record albums. Instead of playing shows, we practice live in front of an audience. We have held four live practice sessions, three of which are featured below. We have recorded and produced four full length albums and a demo. For an unreasonably small fee, we will practice at your child's birthday party.

Sample Songs

Featured below are some of Planes's choice picks. We hope you like them as much as we do.

Season 4

A disgruntled cowboy strolls into the bar from some watermelon and a stiff cold one. Turns out he's not a very happy drunk.

Season 3

This is the twisted tale of a carpenter, driven insane by the incessant music playing in his head The show opens with the Carnival theme and features a cover of Death Cab for Cutie's 'Brothers on a Hotel Bed'. The mood progressively builds to an unorchestrated catharsis as the carpenter replaces his world with something a bit more colorful. The carpenter is finally brought to peace to the repetative theme entitled, 'I Will Repossess Your Car'.

Season 2

We begin the show with a grand romantic gesture, following through to the violent struggles of one man and his lover. In a frenzy of passion the man discovers that perhaps it was not meant to be. This show features the songs 'The Clipper' and 'The Tapper' which can be listened to in their entirety above. Stellestar's 'Robot' is performed midway through the show.

Season 1

This is our first practice session in the basement of the library. We didn't really know what Bob had planned, I'm not sure he did either. He showed up with a cooler full of tools, a flood light, and a PVC pipe. He was wearing a helmet with a laser mounted on the top. It was plugged into an extension cord running down the back of his shirt. Bob destroyed the cooler and almost hit some people in the audience with the PVC pipe. At the end of the show, Bob took an electric grinder to my guitar. Sparks flew everywhere. Nobody clapped in between songs, they just looked horrified. That's how we knew we were on to something. Realizing that the details of this event were tough to believe for those who were not there, we decided to start filming them thereafter.