Miscellaneous Projects

The Nutcracker 3000

This is the most exciting toy to hit the market since the invention of the wheel. The Nutcracker 3000 is an amazing new product for your home or office. Now available in multiple colors, although the majority of it is green! Not recommended for the elderly, for children, pets, or middle aged people of all ages. Not to be ingested. The Nutcracker 3000 is built using an infrared proximity sensor, a sound module and a solenoid. A nutcracker was also used. A psuedo-random number generator is built in to provide a random selection of 3 hilariously inappropriate phrases!

Model House

The inside of the house is fully furnished with beds, tables, chairs, a pool table, and even a staircase. I started working on this over the summer of 2011 and finished it recently. The trees are made from moss and balsa wood.
The power lines actually power the house. I wired some LEDs up through the floorboards and connected them to the powerlines. There is a little battery underneath the house.

The Singing Conch Shell

My pal Tim and I made this as a Christmas present for my roommate. This was likely inspired by an episode of Spongebob, or something childish like that. The conch shell has a recordable sound module hidden deep inside of it and a button on the top. I took apart an old cell phone to replace the junky speaker that came with it. Tim used a dremel to make the hole for the button. Tim and I took a few hours to write and record an original christmas song on the chip. It was performed on a ukelele and a melodica, and the tune is unfathomably silly. We were pretty proud of ourselves once it all came together. How often do you put your ear up to a shell only to have it serenade you?

The Timebomb Heart Guitar

This guitar started as a First Act guitar that an old bass player had forgotten about. My goal was to make a nice guitar for as cheap as humanly possible. Tony Janflone and I built it in his basement and he charged me 50 bucks for parts. Mission accomplished.
I got some cheap paint and sprayed the headstock and body white. I painted the little heart design on there myself. The guitar has no knobs and features only a single EMG humbucker and an on/off switch. The pickguard is cut from Tony's linoleum bathroom floor. I played it at Planes: Season 3. It has splatters of pink and blue paint on it now. So does my instrument cable... and the amp...