About PIG

PIG is a student-led interdisciplinary research group. We build new instruments, design interactive systems, and create performances. Our research is focused on physical interaction design for music. We are interested in:

  • movement and gestural interaction design
  • digital sensor design
  • performances ecologies and ecological performances
  • site-specific performances
  • rapid prototyping
  • and more…

If you’re interested in collaborating, please get in touch. We are always open to new instruments, sensors, music or projects. You can reach any of us personally or contact Doga Cavdir directly.



Doga Cavdir

Doga is an instrument designer, researcher and a PhD candidate at CCRMA. Her research lies at the intersection of design, performance and movement-based musical instruments. She incorporates communicative and expressive gestures, musical or non-musical, into music interface design. More broadly, Doga's research combine music theory, performance arts, human-computer interaction, and digital manufacturing.



Raul Altosaar

Raul Altosaar is a sound artist and researcher. He builds new instruments using custom software and hardware. Through live performance, he uses sound to create a connection between the landscape, his body, and technology. Currently, he is a master’s student at CCRMA.

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Jack Atherton

Jack Atherton works on design for human flourishing through amateur creativity and folk design. His current work empowers amateurs to create virtual worlds and populate them with creatures using interactive machine learning in virtual reality. See also Doing vs. Being: A Philosophy of Design for Artful VR (2020).



Douglas McCausland

Douglas McCausland is a composer/performer whose work engages with the extremes of sound and the digital medium. His current compositions and research particularly explore the intersections of handmade electronic music performance interfaces, higher-order ambisonics, interactive systems, machine-learning, and experimental sound design. Doug is currently a DMA fellow at Stanford University, under the advisement of Chris Chafe and Patricia Alessandrini.



Matt Wright

Matt Wright wears many hats as CCRMA's Technical Director, including running the Max Lab and occasional cherished research in musical instrument design and iteration.



Ge Wang

Ge Wang is an Associate Professor at CCRMA researching the artful design of tools, toys, games, instruments, and social experiences. His work includes the ChucK programming language, Stanford Laptop Orchestra, Ocarina for iPhone, VR Design, and the book Artful Design: Technology in Search of the Sublime.

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