The CCRMA Physical Interaction Group!

PIG is a student-led interdisciplinary research group. We build new instruments, design interactive systems, and create performances. Our research is focused on physical interaction design for music.

Please excuse our website. We’re working on it!

News & Upcoming Events

  • Raul Altosaar will give a workshop on wireless communications with XBee modules on Mon, Aug 10th.

Recent Events

  • Doga Cavdir presented the uses of EMG data and gestural expresivity (Mon, Jul 6th).
  • Our papers on Felt Sound, Curating Perspectives, and the KeyWI were presented at the NIME 2020 conference. Find the links to our session here for Paper Session 8 and 11.
  • Jack, Doga, and Matt presented their NIME papers.
  • Raul Altosaar led a discussion on "good" performances and new instruments.
  • We hosted our first workshop on DIY FSR sensor design, presented by Jason Choi.
  • Mike Mulshine led an insightful discussion on 'What is a good musical instrument?'.
  • We hosted an informal feedback session on a paper draft about body-based musical instruments.