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The CCRMA Classroom (Knoll 317) is our main performance space.

At 7.5m X 16.7m (25 x 55 feet) it is the largest room in the building.

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Audio System(s)


Linux Machine

A CCRMA Linux Workstation is accessible from its own rolling desk.


Beware that Linux doesn’t always successfully talk to the MOTU the first time you try so you might need to “play” or “start audio” a few times.

Also beware that by default the operating system will often perform an automatic 7.1 surround mix that you probably don’t want.

The best way for Linux software to access multiple audio channels is JACK, avoiding these and other problems. (JACK may not start the first time, but after it does start, all other software going through JACK can connect reliably to the MOTU.)

Linux video can’t go to projectors.


The Stage has a disklavier player piano.

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