Rob Hamilton @ ccrma

Ph.D. Candidate in Computer-based Music Theory and Acoustics
CCRMA, Department of Music, Stanford University

rob [at] ccrma [dot] stanford [dot] edu


UDKOSC is a modified version of the Unreal 3 UDK development environment featuring bi-directional OSC communication between UDK custom classes (projectile, pawn behaviors) and an OSCPACK Windows .dll


q3osc is a modified version of the Quake III gaming engine which can output real-time user and projectile positioning information using Open Sound Control and similarly can receive OSC input control system parameters such as gravity, client speed and projectile speed. q3osc is meant to be an open performance environment allowing users on both local and remote networks to perform together using external audio processing and generation software such as ChucK, SuperCollider, Max/MSP or PD.

iPaqOSCControl application

Using the Mysaifu JVM on an HP iPaq rx1950, with a hacked-up version of the JavaOSC classes and demo app, I put together this little mixer interface to play with. It comes in handy for mixing 8-channel Max/MSP or Supercollider patches from the center of the hall. This is more in the light-client-as-controller use of mobile devices (especially since this iPaq is a bit slow).

Sea Songs - 5.27.07 build

.zip archive of the compiled Max/MSP Sea Songs application, including documentation. NOTE: at the request of the composer, the sound-files for Sea Songs are not included in this package. For more information, please contact Dexter Morrill.

jChing/Bioinformatic Feedbacks Java Classes contains java classes for both the jChing project and for the .mxj Java Max/MSP encapsulation used for the Bioinformatic Feedbacks project. The code is fairly well documented in places and less so in others. This project is not currently under development so at request of some members of the community, I'm posting the guts here.