Rob Hamilton @ ccrma

Ph.D. Candidate in Computer-based Music Theory and Acoustics
CCRMA, Department of Music, Stanford University

rob [at] ccrma [dot] stanford [dot] edu


  • UT3OSC is an implementation of projectile and user data tracking over OSC using the Unreal 3 UDK development environment and a Windows .dll of oscpack.


  • q3osc is an implementation of user-parameter tracking and export from the ioquake3 open-source Quake3 gaming Engine using OSC. More information can be found on the ccrma project wiki at

OSC Control on Handhelds as an interface for virtual mixers

Interactivity: novel directions for composition, performance and improvisation

Software recreations of classic Electroacoustic repertoire

Notations: musical data-exchange, translation and real-time display

  • Use of Humdrum KERN spines to encode control data for interactive compositional works
  • Notation-based algorithmic-compositional tools with Java, Lilypond, and MusicXML