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RoundPad Class Reference

The round shaped platform to put on strings and tracks. More...

#include <Widget.h>

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Widget Shape

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Public Member Functions

 RoundPad (Point2D center, float radius)
virtual Point2D getCenter ()
virtual float getRadius ()
virtual void setRadius (float radius)
virtual void draw ()
virtual WidgethitTest (float x, float y)
virtual void toOutboundPacketStream (osc::OutboundPacketStream &) const
virtual TextgetCommentText () const
virtual void setCommentText (const std::string comment)
virtual void appendCommentText (const std::string comment)

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool handleDraw (float x, float y)
 The draw event called when the user drags from this widget.
virtual bool handleDrawEnd (float x, float y)
 The last draw event called when the user finishes dragging.
virtual bool handleHover (float x, float y)
 Called when the user's mouse is hovering on the widget.

Protected Attributes

Point2D m_center
float m_radius
Line m_hoverLine
Line m_dragLine
std::vector< Spiral * > m_circles
std::vector< Track * > m_tracks

Detailed Description

The round shaped platform to put on strings and tracks.

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