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Spiral Class Reference

A Spiral shape that allows different start and end radius. More...

#include <Shape.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Spiral (Point2D center, float startAngle, float startRadius, float endAngle, float endRadius)
virtual void draw ()
virtual void setStartRadius (float radius)
virtual void setEndRadius (float radius)
virtual void setRadii (float startRadius, float endRadius)
virtual void setCenter (Point2D center)
virtual void setStartAngle (float angle)
virtual void setEndAngle (float angle)
virtual void setAngles (float startAngle, float endAngle)
virtual float getStartRadius ()
virtual float getEndRadius ()
void setFilled (bool filled)
void setColor (const Color &)

Static Public Member Functions

static float getAngle (Point2D center, Point2D p)
static Point2D getPointFromRadius (Point2D center, float radius, float angle)
 Utility function that returns the angle of a point relative to the center passed in.
static float clampAngle (float angle)
 Utility function that translates an angle to the range between 0 and 360.

Protected Attributes

Point2D m_center
float m_startRadius
float m_endRadius
float m_startAngle
float m_endAngle
bool m_filled

Detailed Description

A Spiral shape that allows different start and end radius.

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