Play 'round
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ColorThe data type for presenting color in floating point rgb format
EngineThe root class that handles all the user interaction and graphical interface rendering
JointThe connection between tracks that relays the plucker from one path to another
LineA line shape
LineTrackThe line shaped track
MyAudioWrapper class to set up RtAudio
NetworkThe class deals with all the network related message passing and processing
PeerRepresents the remote host information
PluckerThe component that travels along the tracks and makes sound when it passes a string
Point2DTwo dimensional point data structure
Point3DThree dimensional point data structure
RoundPadThe round shaped platform to put on strings and tracks
ShapeBase class for all the drawable components
SoundSourceThe base class for all the components that want to make sound
SpiralA Spiral shape that allows different start and end radius
SpiralTrackThe spiral shaped track
StringRepresents a string that can be plucked to make sound
TextThe text that can be displayed on the screen
TrackThe path that a plucker can travel on
WidgetThe base class of all components who want to deal with all user interaction
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