Juan I Reyes


Born in Barranquilla Colombia, Juan Reyes (1962) composer and researcher, embraces mathematical and computer models for expressing gestures in music and other forms of arts. His work has tallied methods for using physical models of instruments and acoustical phenomena as well as spatial diffusion of sound sources. A software developer himself, tele-presence and real-time performance are also present on his research, in addition to combinatorics, and set theory applications for computer aided composition. New forms of performance and novel ways of presenting music concerts are also part of his aesthetic concerns. Educated at the University of Tampa, and at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) of Stanford University, has pursued studies in Computer Science, Mathematics and Music and further has been professor of arts and music at several universities in Colombia.

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Juan Reyes is a composer and researcher whose works tackle on computer and electroacoustic music elements, their conception, processes and craft. His research is aimed towards semantics of gesture and perception as well as novel ways of performance and expression.