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Software for Linear-Phase Filter Design

The Matlab Signal Processing Toolbox covers many applications with the following functions:

$\displaystyle \begin{tabular}{rl}
\texttt{firpm()} & (optimal Chebyshev linear-phase FIR filter design),%
\footnote{Look for the older name \texttt{remez()} in Octave Forge} \\
\texttt{firls()} & (optimal least-squares linear-phase FIR filter design), \\
\texttt{fir1()} & (window method for linear-phase FIR \emph{lowpass} design),\\
\texttt{fir2()} & (window method for linear-phase FIR filter design), and\\
\texttt{invfreqz()} & (weighted least-squares method for general FIR (or IIR)\\
& filter design \cite[page 50]{JOST}).

All of these functions except firls are implemented in the free, open-source, Octave Forge collection as well.

Methods for FIR filter design are discussed in the fourth book of the music signal processing series [87], and classic references include [64,68]. There is also quite a large research literature on this subject.

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