Real-Time Simulation of Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifiers using Wave Digital Filter

Real-time wave digital modeling of multi-stage vacuum tube guitar amplifier circuits using modified block-wise method.

Echoing Harmonics: EE-264 & MUSIC-421A Final Projects

A series of studies on combining delay-based audio effects with real-time pitch-shifting techniques (time-scale modification of audio signal using short-time Fourier analysis & resynthesis).

Wireless-Controlled Multi-Effect Guitar Signal Processor

Resolving guitarists’ limited range of movements on big stages by a three-terminal digital guitar signal processor that enables users to switch & edit effect presets through wireless connections.

Audio Factory: MUSIC-256A Final Project
Vivified Visual Audio Programming

A vivid interpretation of audio processing system design based on Unity, ChucK and Chunity.

SeqBattle: MUSIC-256A Homework 2
Protect Your Pieces, Defend Your Music

A hexagonal step sequencer & a chess-like strategy game based on Unity, ChucK and Chunity.

道 - The Principle: MUSIC-256A Homework 1
An Audio-Visual Narrative of Classical Chinese Philosophy

Time-domain and frequency-domain sound visualization using OpenGL & RtAudio, demonstrated with ChucK-generated music.

How Well Can You Persist A Tempo?
MUSIC-251 Final Project

An experiment-based study of the possible relationship between musicians' tempo persistence ability & their musical background.

Sound of Lake: MUSIC-220A Final Project
What does a photo sound like?

Extracting "waveforms" in lake photos using edge detection & reconstructing audio signals through data sonification.

ChucK Audio Effect: MUSIC-220A Homework 4

A ping-pong delay effect using ChucK, demonstrated with music inspired by the video game Assassin's Creed: Revelations.

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