With the advent of wireless guitar connecting devices, guitarists’ range of movements is no longer limited by cables. However, the location of pedalboards still potentially limits guitarists’ range of movements on big stages. Our research will change this situation by splitting the whole guitar signal processing system into three wireless-connected devices: a central processing unit, a small controller attaching to guiatrs and a user interface with a touchscreen for effect editing.

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Related Patent

[1] J. Zhang, " A Portable and Dismountable Wireless MIDI Switching Device " ( English Translation ) , Chinese Patent No.201621074252.X, issued May 31, 2017.

Double Funded by:
Tengfei Program in Tengfei College of Engineering
Xiyuan Program in Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program
Fudan University, Shanghai, China

1st Prize, Tengfei Cup Final Competition of Tengfei Program