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stk::FMVoices Class Reference

STK singing FM synthesis instrument. More...

#include <FMVoices.h>

Inheritance diagram for stk::FMVoices:
stk::FM stk::Instrmnt stk::Stk

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Public Member Functions

 FMVoices (void)
 Class constructor.
 ~FMVoices (void)
 Class destructor.
void setFrequency (StkFloat frequency)
 Set instrument parameters for a particular frequency.
void noteOn (StkFloat frequency, StkFloat amplitude)
 Start a note with the given frequency and amplitude.
void controlChange (int number, StkFloat value)
 Perform the control change specified by number and value (0.0 - 128.0).
StkFloat tick (unsigned int channel=0)
 Compute and return one output sample.
StkFramestick (StkFrames &frames, unsigned int channel=0)
 Fill a channel of the StkFrames object with computed outputs.

Detailed Description

STK singing FM synthesis instrument.

This class implements 3 carriers and a common modulator, also referred to as algorithm 6 of the TX81Z.

    Algorithm 6 is :
                        /->1 -\
                     4-|-->2 - +-> Out
                        \->3 -/

Control Change Numbers:

The basic Chowning/Stanford FM patent expired in 1995, but there exist follow-on patents, mostly assigned to Yamaha. If you are of the type who should worry about this (making money) worry away.

by Perry R. Cook and Gary P. Scavone, 1995-2012.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

stk::FMVoices::FMVoices ( void   ) 

Class constructor.

An StkError will be thrown if the rawwave path is incorrectly set.

Member Function Documentation

StkFrames & stk::FMVoices::tick ( StkFrames frames,
unsigned int  channel = 0 
) [inline, virtual]

Fill a channel of the StkFrames object with computed outputs.

The channel argument must be less than the number of channels in the StkFrames argument (the first channel is specified by 0). However, range checking is only performed if _STK_DEBUG_ is defined during compilation, in which case an out-of-range value will trigger an StkError exception.

Implements stk::FM.

00107 {
00108   unsigned int nChannels = lastFrame_.channels();
00109 #if defined(_STK_DEBUG_)
00110   if ( channel > frames.channels() - nChannels ) {
00111     oStream_ << "FMVoices::tick(): channel and StkFrames arguments are incompatible!";
00112     handleError( StkError::FUNCTION_ARGUMENT );
00113   }
00114 #endif
00116   StkFloat *samples = &frames[channel];
00117   unsigned int j, hop = frames.channels() - nChannels;
00118   if ( nChannels == 1 ) {
00119     for ( unsigned int i=0; i<frames.frames(); i++, samples += hop )
00120       *samples++ = tick();
00121   }
00122   else {
00123     for ( unsigned int i=0; i<frames.frames(); i++, samples += hop ) {
00124       *samples++ = tick();
00125       for ( j=1; j<nChannels; j++ )
00126         *samples++ = lastFrame_[j];
00127     }
00128   }
00130   return frames;
00131 }

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The Synthesis ToolKit in C++ (STK)
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