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The Synthesis ToolKit is a set of C++ classes. In order to go beyond the simple example programs we provide, it is necessary to know some basics about programming in C and C++. STK's "target audience" includes people who:

  • want to create audio DSP and/or synthesis programs
  • want to use our unit generators and input/output routines rather than code their own
  • want to learn about synthesis and processing algorithms
  • wish to teach real-time synthesis and processing and wish to use some of our classes and examples

Most ToolKit programmers will likely end up writing a class or two for their own particular needs, but this task is typically simplified by making use of pre-existing STK classes (filters, oscillators, etc.).

The following tutorial chapters describe many of the fundamental ToolKit concepts and classes. All tutorial programs are included in the projects/examples directory.

  1. STK Fundamentals
  2. Hello Sine!
  3. Compiling
  4. Using Filters
  5. Realtime Audio (blocking)
  6. Realtime Audio (callback)
  7. Instruments
  8. Control Input
  9. Multi-Channel I/O
  10. Voice Management

The Synthesis ToolKit in C++ (STK)
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